About Me

Name: Simone
Surname: Ziffer
Profession: Visual Merchandiser
Date of Birth: 15-07-1987

This is just a part of the story:
Imagine a child in an empty white room. He's alone. A spool of red cord and a blank paper are his only buddies. A lot of us can think that there's nothing to do in a situation like this, but creative, young or not, can design everything. He just need his mind and nothing else.
Look closely at the child. Don't you see the rotating gears?
Just silence for few seconds, then the boy takes the red wire. He looks at it, maybe the wire it's not the right tool to fulfill his plan, but maybe it is just a new way to use it. He starts running around the room. When he's breathless a giant red web is filling the entire room.
There is just another problem:what to do with the paper?
His hands rapidly move. Few seconds and he has created a paper plane. Just a paper plane. We used to play with them when we were children; no smartphones or computers. He takes it and, bringing his arm behind his back, he throws it. The plane is flying. A part of the wire stops the ride. He tries again. This time the plane doesn't touch any portion of the cord and it ends its journey on the wall across the room.
The child has invented a new game. He has to find everytime a new route for the plane to get through the web without touching the red cord.
This boy now is 20 years older, what do you think he can do outside the room with all the technoligies?

Education & Training


Fashion Visual Merchandiser
Marangoni Institute
Milano (Italy)

Grammar School Diploma

Liceo Classico Tito Livio
(Classics/Classical Studies),
Padova (Italy)


Team Working
Organisational Skill
Working Under Pressure




Phone Number
+39 349 4201903


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Motivational Letter